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    Character Template



    Character Template

    Post  ~Rosie~ on Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:03 pm

    Name: (What is their name?)

    Alias(es): (What is their nickname or what are they known for?)

    Age: (How old are they?)

    Gender: (Are they male or female?)

    Weight: (How much do they weigh?)

    Height: (How tall are they?)

    History: (What is their past like? Do they remember their past? Write your chaacters past down here ,not all of it if you want to keep some of it a secret.)

    Race/Species: (Are they a Human, Night Elf, Wood Elf, Dwarf, Gnome, Werewolf, Vampire ect.)

    Alignment: (Are they Good, Evil, or Neutral? Please also include if they are Ninja, Pirate, Witch)

    Profession(s): (What is their job? Are they the Guardian of someone? Are they an Assassin?)

    Inventory: (What are they carrying right now? Do they carry weapons?)

    Pet(s): (Does your character have a pet? Do they summon an animal to help fight? Please post a picture if you want or describe the the best you can, this is optional.)

    Ship/Village: (Where do they live? In a village, on a Ship or on the road ect , along with the name of the place and image or write a very descriptive description of the place they live at but this is optional.)

    Appearance: (Post at least one picture. If you can't find a picture, then write a very descriptive description of him or her. Tek-Tek Avatars are optional.)

    Personality: (What are they like? How do they behave?)

    Fighting Style: (How do they like to fight? Are they very strategic? Brash?)

    Weapons: (What kind of weapons do they like to fight with? Include details of the magic they use also, or none if they don't use magic.)

    Strength(s): (What is your character good at? What general skills and abilities do they have?)

    Weakness(es): (What is your character bad at? What makes them weak?)

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